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Audiopress Srl...... Audiopress s.r.l is among the most important Italian daily audiovisual information agencies. It is multimedia news agency, specializing in the diffusion range, recognized and authorized by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, together with the various national agencies Ansa, Reuters, Agi, Adn Kronos, etc ... It is a limited company and was founded in 1987. Counts among its clients radio stations and local and national television, to which it provides, for over 20 years, audio and video services for inclusion in the schedules information, broadcasted or processed according to individual needs editorials. The Agency is the satellite operator since 2007 of the issuer PEOPLE TV, SKY present on the platforms, thanks to the satellite spreads their content in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa, reaching a consumer greater potential to 120 million of households. There are about sixty client companies including radio and television, who buy 7 launches daily newspaper that Audiopress Ltd. manufactures and distributes 365 days a year, covering current events, politics, economics, sports, current events in the area. Audiopress s.r.l also designs and finalize communication campaigns and advertising, dealing with the conception, creation and production of the same, the national media planning and distribution patterns, depending on the target customer. The structure of Audiopress s.r.l is made up of journalists employees, senior technical professional value and numerous external collaborators together with various correspondents. The agency Audiopress s.r.l uses the most modern and up to date technology solutions for the production and issuance of news and columns made of information within its editorial structure or in the field, through mobile means. Use fiber optic connections, a satellite connection and the internet site making available voice, images, audiovisual services complete special format usable for customers with a high security password system. The technical structure of Audiopress s.r.l has a one to one connection that allows direct access to the service center of Eutelsat in Italy and is therefore able to make contribution services, distribution and satellite broadcasting to reach places and facilities hardly connected normally. The media accessible through the satellite Hot Bird 13 ° East, are more than 4,000 television and radio channels. Audiopress s.r.l is the author of a major publishing initiative "Regions All News" that is known, internationally, the peculiarities of some 15 major Italian publishing groups, with the relative macro-regional and regional television stations, receiving and retransmitting daily on the main TV news , thus creating a range of information and communication unique as the sum of the national news by region. Audiopress s.r.l since 2004 and is a founding partner of the Consortium Tv - pool of 26 television stations - and now in partnership with Telecom Italy produces and disseminates the TV channel "Piemonte +" channel of the Environment, Culture of the territory, Food and Wine, Technology, the Minor sports, disability broadcast on DTT LCN No. 110. Among the historical accounts of Audiopress s.r.l include all the major national media including Mediaset, Rai, Sky, Telecom Italy Media and local, for which manufactures and supplies services for news.  
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